Become Part of Rashid Rana’s Art

#solo4art will bring together one of the largest compilations of photos of people from all over the world, as we see them on social media, to serve as a record of our times and to immortalise these photos in work(s) of art.

Submit your full-figure mirror selfie(s) in standing pose to possibly become part of Rashid Rana’s artwork(s).

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Preferably mirror-selfie photo(s) against a background of your choice but ONLY | SOLO | FULL FIGURE | STANDING.
I certify that I, as the original owner/copyright holder of the image/s being submitted/uploaded, hereby release, for consideration that I acknowledge as sufficient, and Rashid Rana does accept, the absolute and unconditional right to reproduce by any means, create adaptations or derivative works, distribute, commercially exploit, perform, and/or display (both publicly and privately) the said image/s, as applicable. As the original owner/copyright holder, I acknowledge that I do not hold any remaining rights in and to the said image/s. I further certify that I am not a minor and have not in my dealings with Rashid Rana impersonated any person or made any false representations regarding my identity or ownership rights in and to the image/s. I further certify that no privacy rights are attached to the image/s which may be used by Rashid Rana in and as part of the artwork(s) to be created and publicly displayed by him.
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