Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Rashid Rana intend to use my image/s in his work and in what size?

Your image/s will be used in a very small size amongst thousands of other images, collectively making up a photographic compilation, serving as a unique representation/archive/record of our times, using a contemporary theme.

Will my image/s serve as an integral part of the artwork/s?

No. In fact, yours and every other image which is selected to form a part of the artwork/s will not be of individual significance, but rather will be nondescript, meant only to take on meaning when viewed as a component of the patchwork of thousands of other images.

Will the image/s be used for any other purpose except as part of the artwork/s?

No. The image/s would only be used as part of the artwork/s, which will be shared in exhibitions, art books, website/s, social media and various others means of engagement with viewers.

Will my image/s be edited?

The editing will be limited to possible alterations in size, sharpness and opacity of the image, and/or by zooming/shrinking the image.

Will the images of the completed work be shared with me?

We may not be able to share the images of completed work with everyone. However, the final work/s and selected close-up portions of the work/s will be posted on our website after 25th April 2021.

Will my image definitely be used in the artwork/s?

No. Rashid Rana shall decide in his absolute discretion as to which images will be selected for use in the artwork/s.